Upclose with Miss Wizzy

Zambia gave birth to yet another song Bird. Meet Miss Wizz, Zambian based Musician who is rapidly storming the nation with very inspiring and exuberating Dancehall and Reggae music. Zikozed CEO MrGreat had an exclusive interview with Miss Wizzy and it went as follows:

Who is Miss Wizzy? when did you started music and where are you?
I’m a Zambian born, singer and songwriter. My genre of music is Dancehall and Reggae. I started singing in 2015. At that age I started writing poems which then turned into writing songs and then singing.

I am based in the Zambia because I was raised in the Zambia.

Are you signed by any label, who is your producer?

I am currently not signed. I just work with various producers although I am currently doing it with Killer Beat, (KB) his is the one who produced Customer, Ghetto Story, and special woman which is not yet out. I love his sounds

Miss Wizzy also included to sayI hope to develop my carear in music industry.  My aim is to develop my music so that I can take on more attention to my music across the country.

Which artists have you worked with in Zambia and outside Zambia?

I have worked with Cactus Agony, Badman Shapi, Tyce Ziggy, In which only the So I did with Agon is not Yet Out

Tell us a bit about your family back ground?

I am the second last in the family of 8. My mum past away when I was 12yrs and for now I just have Dad. d in

I am very blessed to have the family I do. We are super close and I can talk to my dad and entire Family about anything. They are my family and my best friends too.

You have a new song coming, tell us a bit about it and when do you intend to release it? Who is the producer and writer of the song?

My new coming song is called ‘Special Woman’. It currently in the studio with the works of KB and written by me. It will be released on the Very Soon. I’m super excited about it and can’t wait for it to finally be out.

Who produced Customer and from which studio?

Customer was produced by KB, . Like I mentioned before, he totally gets my sound. I recorded Customer in K Army Music studios.

Is there anything you would like to let the people know? Especially the fans?

I want to say a huge thank you to my fans. They really do keep me pushing, even when things are hard. There have been days where I have wondered if all of the stress is worth it. However, when I get messages from fans saying they relate to my song, or they love my music or I inspire them, I realise that my gift is bigger than me. So I’ve got to keep pushing because there are people who are rooting for me.

Thank you Miss Wizzy for your time, Zikozed CEO MrGreat wishes you all the best in your Music Journey.

Thank you and all the best to Zikozed too. Thank you for taking a step to promote Zambian music.


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