Upclose With Alifa

Zambia gave birth to yet another song bird. Meet Alifa,  a Kabwe based Zambian Musician who is rapidly storming the nation with very inspiring and exuberating music. Zikozed Team had an exclusive interview with her and it went as follows:

Who is Alifa? when did you started music and where are you?

Alifa Queen B is a very simple and Artistic person,who wants to achieve and peruse all her scheduled goals. She officially started music in grade ten in 2016.

Are you signed by any label, who is your producer?

Am not signed at any label at the moment because I feel it becomes a challenge once you’re signed. My producers are CB snare and classic.

Which big artist would you like to collaborate with in Zambia, or outside Zambia if any chance?

I would love to work with T Sean,Daev,Maps,slap Dee , chef , Dalisoul or cleo ice queen. Outside Zambia Davido or Jeoboy.

Tell us a bit about your family back ground?

Am the first born in a family of three girls,I’ve been raised by a single parent who happens to be my mother,i can’t say much about my father and why he hasn’t been part of raising me because it’s personal,though I’ll just say the time he stopped staying with us,it was in 2007 when we use to stay in Mpika and by then I was 8 years.

Briefly can’t offload everything😞.

You have a trending song themed, “I feel Nice” tell us more about it? And who is a producer and a writer for it?

I feel nice” is a song that talks about reality and it’s a song that I would like to make everyone hear it if possible,i might not have included some other careers but they must know that In my heart I involved all the nation because we all get criticized over what we choose to do to earn a leaving. The producer is Classic and I personally is the writer of “I feel nice

How many tracks have u done so far, and how many producers did u worked with?

I’ve done four of my own this year and am still doing more,then the ones I was called for features are four. The producers I’ve worked with are CB snare SOJA Classic. The other two of my own will be dropping any day from now. Just waiting for I feel nice to trend a bit.

Is there anything you would like to let the people know? Especially the fans?

Dropping another fire flaming song. And it’s done in a different catchy way.

Thank you Alifa for your time, Zikozed Promoters wishes you all the best in your new Music Journey..

Thank you and all the best to Zikozed too. Thank you for taking a step to promote Zambian music.

I also want to say that fans can connect with me on social media, I am @alifamusic on Instagram, Tiwtter and Facebook. 

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