Pompi ft Suffix – Samala (Official Music Video)

Pompi unleashes Music video for his latest tune dotted Samala, on this one, Pompi teamed up, Malawian prolific artist Suffix, Music video directed by Director: Suke.

Check Out Lyrics Below.

My target To be a musical chuck norris Study word like I am doing it for college Special delivery Flow out of control its work look what it did to me Getting it mentally Making a lagacy is not living a century I am out here bakery Baking the bread and sharing it as its meant to be Take it away its yours play in the major league Ini mini mani mo Siti sanka njila kwati nsapato When they say with God you can never blow First lie, my guy, can you feel the flow In the game, unashamed In the same hustle All the hype all the fame never changed us Wake up never underestimate Moto moto now they are checking for the ventilator *Chorus* No truth bango namana _(No truth they are lying to themselves)_ Ise Mao tima samala _(It’s the word of God that we preserve)_ Samala eh Samala _(Preserve Preserve)_ Walala eh washala _(You sleep you get left behind)_ To the T kwati msamba _(wordplay)_ Yeah we so fresh Prince of wakanda Samala eh Samalni _(Preserve Presreve)_ Wakanda eh Samala _(Wakanda Preserve)_ *Verse 2* Made it outta ghetto with this God Flow No smoko za kaisala timapheya nsonkho Za kaisala timapheya nsonkho = We give ceasar what belongs to ceasar My dreams are coming true I tell my crush ine ndi loto I am what happens when Classick meets the writings of SoloMon….King its a wake up call I know y’all been sleepin on Me Out of this World olo ndili Mdzikoli (this means I am in the World but not of it) Ndakacho kulita kunaBo ndikuhitta am no longer the target market devil n’naMsika (means I do not dance/vibe with the devil anymore) Izi ndi za given* I am not a GOD MC, “ndine ochimwa” (I am a sinner) but forgiven* Ndi chisomo cha Mulungu (with the Grace of GOD) even the blind can see and testify that we are Christians Yooo kokoliliko komwe tiliko aYesu ali ko The most High’s name we elevate Sitifunika ma smoko to stay relevant *Bridge* Never let the fake loose you Real hip hop in the byu byu Kick like stoppila sunzu _(He scored the winning penalty kick for Zambia in the Africa Cup of Nations Final)_ Real hip hop in the byu byu Never let the fake loose you Real hiphop in the byu byu Nyimbo zama yo o-penda duku _(A song for Yo’s without durags)_ Real hip hop in the byu byu