Miles Sampa Donates K1000 Cash to Mumba Yachi

Miles Sampa Donates K1000 Cash to Mumba Yachi

Follow the burn down of Mumba Yachi’s Record Studio, It has touched The Lusaka Mayor’s Heart, Miles Sampa to rander a help to Mumba Yachi whose record Studio has been burt to ashes, He took to his Facebook page…

Artist Mumba Yachi today had his studio burnt to ashes. All his equipment (guitars, keyboards, drums, MICs, Mixers, Equalizers, Computers etc).He has a family of 2 children and a wife. It’s rough for him. A bad day and he is in a state at the moment. Where to start from and how to sustain his only mode of income and survival.I called him to come home so I comfort him and look at ways of helping him out of this drastic drawback on his artistic skills. If l had money, I would have bailed him out instantly but it’s a bit rough at the moment. I have however donated K1000 to him and hereby do ask anyone willing to help him financially so he can purchase all his lost equipment and continue show casing his blessed God given unique voice skills.Mumba Yachi’s number is 0970352443. Send him any amount you can. My number is 0964007007 and can be alternative on his behalf.Zikom in advance.Together We Can (help a Brother)MBS01.11.2020, 10pm

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