Don’t Compare DAEV to Music Grandpas – Diffikoti

Following the Trending Stories issues by some media Houses that claiming that Daev looked so successful in music life and that he was being seen with Luxury Lives in music video and forget developing where he is coming from, Zambian rewnowned comedian took a space through his Facebook handle, He wrote…….

The young man was only 25 years and new in the industry but you expected him to be very successful and compared to music grandpa’s? Very unfair! .. He had a talent and was slowly climbing the ladder of success, truth be told, if he had lived a little bit longer he could have beaten most artistic veterans… Success is gradual, it doesn’t just drop the same day… Ive known some of our celebrities who’ve been in the industry for a long time but are still struggling to hit fortune, whatever he had was ok for his age…Its unfair for us grown ups to start mocking or judging him, he ran his race and was hearding the right direction…what’s surprising is that, even us muma 40s fit to be his father are busy comparing ourselves to the young man, when we also own nothing apart from a Sim card na reg…mhsriep! 🚶🏽‍♂️

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